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How To Exceed Client Expectations

How To Exceed Client Expectations

Written on July 11 2019 by Natalie Lorentzen - Creative Director @ quickclips.com.au

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It’s how we produce our product that has ensured 100% client satisfaction for over 10 years.

People’s expectations for excellent customer service are higher than ever before. You expect a good product. You expect to get what you asked for. You expect fast service. You expect professionalism, for people to do a decent job and to be treated well.

Yet – we still find that our clients are surprised and impressed with the way we work.

I started to wonder why are our clients so surprised – isn’t this level of customer service the norm? To us it feels like common sense.

You know, like, what are people doing out there?

I think it comes down to ‘Process before Product’. In the same way that ‘Form follows Function’.
And by that I mean, it is about how we get to our end product. This might have something to do with the field we work in – Video Production- you can’t just deliver a product – you have to work through the process with the client. How we manage that process is essential.

Video production can seemingly be one of those intimidating processes. A lot of variables. Technical stuff. Creative stuff. Scheduling stuff. Preproduction, production, post production. Sound? Animation? Yes! there’s a lot to think about, and for a new client stepping into that process, all of that can be a bit overwhelming. We totally understand that.

Sometimes at the beginning of the process, the end result might not be quite clear in the clients mind. There might be some general/vague goals but maybe not much idea about how to deliver it or what it should look like. How to translate that message into video?

We’re very focused on making sure that those goals, those business (or stakeholder) requirements – get translated into video. You can have a beautifully shot video – great light, sound, lovely. But does it communicate what it needs it to? Does it have the required effect? To the required audience? Does it fulfill its purpose? That stuff’s important. You need to be clear. There’s a lot of content out there. You don’t want to just be creating content for contents sake.

We’re not just a video crew executing some predetermined plan. We don’t just turn up, film stuff and go. We actually work with clients to help them figure out what that plan is. We look at the client’s goals and their budget and determine the best way to approach the project. We figure out the most efficient way of doing it – what the best format is, the best duration and how to get the best results with the resources at hand.

We offer ideas and advice and basically, we take our clients step by step through that process.
Once production is underway, we have open communication with the client. We collaborate with them as the project unfolds. Which means we share the work with them as is develops and give the clients opportunities to give feedback throughout the different stages. Listening to that feedback is an essential part of that process.

And the result of that process, the product at the end, is a video that exceeds client expectations.

So yes, people expect a good product, professional service and to be treated well. But it seems that we’re exceeding clients expectations by offering some of the things they might not expect:

  • We make people feel comfortable, at ease
  • We are very helpful
  • We go beyond the brief
  • We go out of our way for clients
  • We are as interested in the success of the project as the client is
  • We tune into client outcomes and listen to feedback

Our team has a balance of technical skills, creative skills, and also business skills. We’ve had over a decade of experience together, as a team, of making videos for businesses, and in working with clients to define their goals, refine the brief and translate that into video.

So, I think that’s why our clients are so happy with our service and why we’re getting such good client feedback. I think it’s because we’re good at guiding a client through that process, making it as smooth as possible.

It’s either that, or maybe we’re just nice.


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One thought on “How To Exceed Client Expectations

  1. Hi Natalie
    We are a small Office specialized in sending German University students for internships to the U.S. and other English speaking places. Have repeatedly toyed with the idea of a Video Clip on how it works from first seeing a poster to actually get through the consulate interview, arrive at U.S. Immigration, make it to the workplace, find accommodation, talk with the Boss etc.
    Cost estimates have been daunting. Any feasable ideas from your end ?

    Kurt (greetings to Nick. Have not seen the Family for years !!!)

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